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Community Class Commmitment

Founded in 1976, the Campion Grads RFC has been a fixture in rugby on the Canadian prairies for over 40 years. The club arose out of a need to give more players a chance to play the game in Regina, to continue the name and school colours of Campion College High School, and to develop a more wide open style of rugby not seen in the province before. In the early 90s, our main feeder program would become the powerhouse Thom Collegiate. Despite the changing faces in recent years, the enthusiasm and spirit of both Campion and Thom High Schools thrives today. Young players who never knew a high school named Campion and only vaguely hear of the Thom dynasties still wear the maroon and white with pride.

Over the years, our club has won 17 Provincial Senior Men’s 1st Division championships, in addition to many more 1st and 2nd Division City titles. Our tours have taken us across Canada and Western Europe, and we eagerly await our next opportunity to bring our enthusiasm for the game outside our province.

Our club motto of Community, Class, Commitment is a guide used to shape all of our decisions and actions both on and off the pitch. We strive to build up the communities that surround us; our interactions with others are respectful, honest, and considerate; we are devoted to our craft, our obligations, and our brothers in the field of play. We have fostered an inclusive club atmosphere, providing opportunities for players of all abilities. Our members form the bonds of friendship that last a lifetime and are proud to call themselves Grads.

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Practices and Games:

Postponed at the moment, hopefully we're back tossing the ball soon!


Fall Fiesta, Friday September 29, Regina Rugby Club

Ryback 7's Invitational, Saturday May 4, Regina Rugby Club

Night of 1000 Lies, Saturday June 8, Shane 'Squid' Logan's House

ManSask Tournament, July 5 - 7, Winnipeg Rugby Club

Campion Grads Rugby Camp, Saturday July 15 - 19, Regina Rugby Club

Big Guys Night Out, Saturday July 27, All the Pubs

U18 Westerns, August 2-5, Regina Rugby Club

President's Cup, Saturday September 21, Saskatoon Rugby Club, 3:00

Awards Banquet, November 10, Regina Rugby Club

Good Times, The Whole Summer, Wherever the Boys are At

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Wolf and Kettle

Many years ago, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, there was a small farming village named Regina. It was known that this province had fertile and rich soil, so the Campion family decided to immigrate to Regina for a chance at a better life. The Campion family had exactly 15 sons, each more athletically gifted than the next. However; having no draft animals, the family had to be creative. Eight of the brothers pushed the plow in a tight formation, six of the brothers collected and passed eggs out of the henhouse and the eldest brother was in charge of orchestrating the operations.

By the sweat of their brow, year after year, the Campion family was growing more prosperous and bountiful. They eventually had an abundance of food and wanted to celebrate with a feast. They invited surrounding families and began to eat, but there was food uneaten, so they invited the entire village, but still there was food uneaten. The Campion family was so overjoyed by their abundance, they then invited even the surrounding wild beasts to join them at the table of plenty. Elk drank from the pot, birds cleaned up the bread, and wolves ate from the kettle.

This diligence, teamwork and generousity of the Campion family was unmatched. Today, the Campion Grads Rugby Club uses a depiction of the Wolf and Kettle on their shield to remind them of the tenacity and unity of the Campion family, while being generous in victory and undetered in lose.

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The Boys


Click here for the 2019 Senior Mens Canada Registration

Rugby Camp:

Rugby is a dynamic and exciting sport that is a whole lot of fun, and helps spark friendships that can last a lifetime. The Campion Grads Rugby Camp has been designed to mold your child's rugby skill while their physical ability develops, making the game as simple and safe as possible for all kids, regardless of their age, shape or size.

Age to start:

The camp is for boys and girls between 8 and 16 years of age. The children will learn basic skills in a fun and safe environment. The children are split into age groups and learn with player safety as the number one priority.

How to Register:

Please call Lliam Folk at 306-530-7939 or campiongrads76@gmail.com to register for the camp. Early bird rates until June 15th! We will also be at a number of Mini Rugby sessions to help get players registered.

What to Bring to Camp:

Bring shorts that are easy to run, jump, and roll in, a t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on weather and a well fitting pair of runners. Cleats, mouth guards and rugby shorts are necessary only for 13 and up. A water bottle and small towel are useful too to keep cool and hydrated. This is the prairies, so don’t forget layers are sometimes key, and bug spray and/or sunscreen are sometimes a must. Please bring a lunch Mon-Thurs! Friday will be a BBQ provided.


Below are some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the Campion Grads at campiongrads76@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

Q: I don’t know any rules of rugby and my child has never played before, can they still register?

A: Absolutely, all of our coaches are trained in the rules of rugby and learning together with their peers is part of the fun.

Q: From what I know about rugby, it is a high contact sport, isn’t it too rough for kids to play so young?

A: Safety of your child is always important and our coaches teach the fundamentals of team work and safety at all times. Kids 12 and under will only play touch or flag rugby. Full contact is introduced at 13.

Q: How long is the day camp?

A: The camp will start at 9:00am each day. Rugby activities will happen from 9-noon, and then we will break for lunch. The afternoon will consist of games or other activities to make friends and have fun! Parents or guardians should pick-up their child from the Rugby Club at 3:30pm Mon-Thurs, and at 1:30 on Friday!

Q: What equipment does my child need to play?

A: Shorts or pants that are easy to run, jump, roll and play in, a t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on weather, a well fitting pair of runners; cleats are necessary only for 13 and up. A water bottle and small towel are useful too to keep cool and hydrated. This is the prairies, so don’t forget layers are sometimes key, and bug spray is sometimes a must.

Q: Where do I register?

A: Please call Lliam Folk at 306-530-7939 or campiongrads76@gmail.com to register for the camp. Early bird rates until June 15th!

Q: What do I need to register my child?

A: You will need all their personal information.

Q: How much does it cost and how can I pay?

A: The cost for the 2019 camp will be $250 per child, or $400 per family. Early bird rate of $200 per child will be in effect until June 15th!

Q: Who can I contact with questions?

A: You can contact one of the Campion Grads Rugby team at campiongrads76@gmail.com with any questions.

Q: Where are the sessions held?

A: The sessions are held at the Regina Rugby Park located at 4025 25th Ave, Regina, SK